The beauty in yoga poses

FerimerryHere she is again, my yoga friend.  She transformed me and maybe this painting will transform her.  If she is reading this she will know what I mean.  I took a lot of time painting this, there are so many layers to it.  Usually I get attached to my paintings but not this one.  For some reason I knew it wasn’t mine from the start.  It did end up selling and it definitely went to the right person.  If you look closely the gold necklace is right there.


2 comments on “The beauty in yoga poses

  1. Sheryl joon, words can’t really describe how it feels to see this, and all of the other posts you have written. I’m so humbled to be acknowledged in the way that you have done through your art and your writing.
    I have this painting universe the fireplace in the 2nd floor. Everytime I climb the stairs, I catch a glimpse of the “goddess” in this painting and my heart skips a little beat. The woman you have painted in this picture is an epitome of what I have always dreamed of being…she is beautiful in a very subtle but profound way…when you see her..with her gold necklace and heart extended up towards the sky….you know that she possesses a unique connection to the universe and a clear purpose to her life. One of the reasons I feel so drawn to this painting, even from the minute I first saw it, is because if someone asked me to describe what kind of woman I aspire to be, she would be it. Most days I do not feel like her. Most dads I am stuck in the chaos of my own mind and emotions. But everytime I pass by the painting, I look at her a feel a glimpse of hope…because I realize that someone had already seen that goddess in me…I just have to ultimately see it in myself. So I am forever grateful to you for giving a most precious and beautiful piece of your artwork…a piece that was created from the deepest and most connected part of your soul…to constatnly remind me of the deepest and most connected part of my soul. Love you with all of my heart girlie! Looking forward to supporting each other through this amazingly beautiful journey..:)

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