Desire, I want it bad


First of all, get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m talking about something else, got your attention though.   I love Lady Gaga, I was just at her concert the other week with 3 of my best friends.  We had a blast.  I love her because she is confident and she is who she is, no apologies.  Plus she is so damn creative, a true artist.  She will wear that meat outfit like its nobodies business.  “I want it bad” is what she sings in Bad Romance and that is how I feel about my art career.  This painting I did is of me, I dressed up as a groupie (my husband was Slash).  We won costume of the night at my friends costume party (so fun!).  It is so the opposite of who I am but that night I felt so amazing and free!  I could be wild and crazy and just have fun.  I think that’s what we all need, especially as moms, to just let loose. My alter ego is depicted in this painting and you know what?  I give myself permission to let her out at times, do you?


3 comments on “Desire, I want it bad

  1. magdanarima says:

    That is one sick art work!


  2. Sharona says:

    Love it the art work and loves how fun you were that night! Lol!


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