Destiny, coincidence, what do you think?


Exactly one year ago I had a birthday party for my daughter and had a henna tattoo artist come.  Her name was Brooke Harker.  When everyone left, I offered her some yummy food and we had a conversation.  I learned that Brooke is a self taught artist and her mom was an artist as well.  She had seen my  paintings on the wall and asked me if I paint anymore.  I told her I didn’t have the time.  Brooke asked me if I would ever be interested in painting and selling my work.  Me, no way, how?    And she proceeded with “WHY NOT?” and I said, “yeah, why the hell not??”.  That’s where it all started.  I had been teaching up to that point but painted for my own pleasure, if I had time.  She told me to come up with ten pieces, which I thought impossible at the time. I did it and it felt good! Ever since then she has been my guide and she has been so kind and sweet, helping me throughout the way.

There are some people who enter your life for a reason, is it destiny, coincidence,  pure luck or is it just meant to be.  Maybe all of the above. The painting above is the first painting I did after our talk. I went a little crazy with it, I just let my imagination pour into it.  I was tired of restricting myself  due to being afraid of what people would say.  SO go out there and do what you love, one step at a time.  Doors will open, be patient.

Check out her amazing work online at and if you need an amazing henna tattoo artist visit


One comment on “Destiny, coincidence, what do you think?

  1. Sharona says:

    So true!


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