The beauty in imperfections


I am on day two of my 100 day journey of non-stop painting.  This is something I committed myself to a few days ago.  Usually, I quit once I get frustrated and I don’t paint for a month or more.  I’m not a quitter though and I have to do this for myself.  I had a hard day today with my boys, so it was nice to sit in front of a canvas and paint this young lady named Shirel, who was once my flower girl 12 years ago.  She has grown into this beautiful amazing person with so much grace and class.  Now I have my own little girl, today was her birthday.  I hope she grows up to be just like this girl in the painting.  I still have a lot more details to work out, I’m never really satisfied with the end product.  But I always tell my students who are hard on themselves that there is always beauty in imperfections.  My writing skills… not so perfect, neither are my parenting skills…it’s all a work in progress.  But through it all, I try to find the beauty in all of it.  I think we all put our best foot forward and at least give it our best shot.  One thing I do know, my subject for this piece made it perfect just by being her unique self.  I hope you like the painting Shirel, with much love..Sheryl.


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