Art as meditation


Day 4 of my 100 day journey of non-stop painting.  I’m addicted to art, I loved it before but now I can’t get enough.  I guess it’s a good kind of addiction.  It is hard though, finding that balance when there are three kids wanting your attention. I finished the one above while my daughter was in the bath.  I took my brush and supplies in the bathroom and put some finishing touches on it while she splashed around.  I could sit for hours painting, I just want to make it perfect and beautiful.  It is also a form of meditation for me, my mind stops making nonsense chatter when I pick up that brush.  I am so focused and in the zone.

I have been doing Deepak Chopra’s meditation called Desire and Destiny the past two months and it has really helped calm my mind and lead me into a better path.  Coincedentally,  the resort I was recently at with my family had the Chopra Center right there.  I was able to get time off from the kids and take a yoga class at the center.  A great experience.

This is another painting of Lady Gaga done in fluid acrylics, I am aiming for one more.  I just love the softness and the layers of pink in it.   Let’s see what inspires me next.


2 comments on “Art as meditation

  1. juliezeff says:

    Amazing!!! You are amazing!!

    Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC

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  2. Sharona says:



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