Ask and it is given


Day 7 of my 100 days of painting.  Some days I paint for hours and other days… for about 15 minutes.  One thing this journey has taught me is that discipline and persistence pays off in one form or another.  The painting above is of a young girl named Ariella.  She asked me to paint her because I painted a picture of her sister, Shirel.  I was more than happy to do it and I really do love the painting.  My husband said there is too much “hair action” but I like it!  When I paint someone I want to capture who they really are, I want their personality portrayed in my painting.   Ariella is one of the most feminine people I know and she exudes this amazing confidence and light whenever she enters a room.  I know that it will serve her well in life.  Long hair represents femininity  and I made her hair look like waves in a ocean.  I know she enjoys the beach and her spirit reminds me of the beautiful ocean.  Ariella’s beauty shines and so does her personality and that’s what I wanted to show the world.  This is from my heart to yours.  Love you Ari!  You asked and here it is.

I am doing a 21 day meditation on with Deepak Chopram on happiness at, its free and anyone can join.  I highly recommend it!


4 comments on “Ask and it is given

  1. juliezeff says:


    Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC

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  2. Sharon Maurer-Schwartz says:

    Sheryl, I too am doing the meditations on Happiness. (When. I remember.) your painting of Julie truly does capture her magical energy. I agree she does light up the room with her smile. You see I am a coach too and it was all because of Julie’s nudge to get me to sign up for training.


    • sherylkb says:

      Hi Sharon! I’m so happy you are doing the happiness meditation, the one on desire and destiny has helped me a lot. Yes, Julie is amazing and I’m glad you are pursuing your passion, I wish you lots of success. I’m sure you are a great coach. Thanks for contacting me and reading my blog!


  3. Sharona says:

    Love the hair!! And everything else-:) Xoxo


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