What does serenity look like?

calmocean calmsea 

Day 30 of 100 days of painting

This time my inspiration to paint came from the ocean. I used oil and acrylic paints. I wanted people to feel the peace I feel through my paintings whenever I am by the water or ocean. I was raised in Redondo Beach so I have a deep rooted appreciation for the ocean. Whenever I go there I take in all of the salty beach air, I automatically feel relaxed, at ease. Every summer I take my kids there and they play in the water for endless hours. Time ceases to exist when we are at the beach. We stop by the local ice creamery after being out in the hot sun, then its time for lunch. What better way to spend the day with your kids?

Both of my sons were also inspired to do a similar painting like the one I did. It made me proud, just proves our children learn our best and worst behaviors. I hope it’s mostly good behavior. This is one way I try to bring peace and calm into my home.

noahpainting artwork by Noah

 Aaronpainting artwork by Aaron

Here is my daughter creating her masterpiece along side me.


The other day I noticed a dear friend of mine was under an extreme amount of stress. Sometimes we feel helpless when we see a loved in trouble, what can we do for someone we care about so much? I decided to put together a Zen Care Package and here are the 5 things it contained:

  1. Lavender spray by Aura Cacia- You can find this at Whole Foods. I spray it every night over my bed, right before I meditate.
  2. Incense holder and incense sticks-I love the smell and how they fill my senses with extreme calm and peace. 
  3. Yogi Relax Tea- Having a warm cup of tea is relaxing to begin with but this tea really hits home with all the herbs that may you want to close your eyes and dream.
  4. Lavender candle from Whole Foods- I make sure to buy the candles that are more natural, many of them contain toxic chemicals that fill your home, yucky. So if you are going to use one make sure its unscented or if it is scented, use a more natural brand.
  5. Soothing Gel Eye Mask- You can get this at any CVS or Rite Aid. Pop it in the refrigerator or warm water. It helps rejuvenate tired eyes and helps you relax away stress or tension. 
    Try to end your day with one of these items.   Maybe even look at one of my paintings and see what feelings they invoke in you. Drop me a note and share your thoughts with me, I love feedback!! I hope it brings everything I imagined, serenity, peace and a way to look at the world a little differently.  Namaste.

5 comments on “What does serenity look like?

  1. DonnaBMeir says:

    Wow, check out all the details and purposeful brush strokes in their paintings!


  2. Leyla says:

    One of my favs as the beach holds a special place in my heart too. You are a true inspiration, I love you so much!
    “The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.”


  3. John Benjy says:

    I am so proud of you.


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