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DSC02587 Day 36 of 100 days of painting

This is my second painting of Audrey Hepburn.  She has this captivating look to her that I tried to capture through this painting.  This was done in acrylic and mixed media.  The back ground is made out of hand made paper.  I just loved the colors and swirls, it kind of has a hypnotic quality to it.

There were days where I did not want to pick up that brush, I was too tired.  The kids drove me nuts, I had a list of things to do and I just didn’t feel like it.  The problem.. I made a commitment to complete 100 days of painting and I was NOT going to give up this time!  Why do we procrastinate?  Not enough time?  Too tired?  The list can go on and on.  I pushed my sister to complete a task she has been holding off on.  She finally completed it after I gave her a deadline.  I asked her if completing that task felt good and she replied, “yes!”.  What are we so afraid of?  Failure, success or maybe both?

I have learned through my 100 day journey that it’s so important to finish what you start.  I am definitely guilty of always putting things off for another day.  Now I find myself completing things I never thought I would get around to.  Here are 5 things I learned through my journey:

  1. Commit to only one thing at a time–  Don’t overwhelm yourself with a list!  I wanted to paint more so I started the 100 days of painting.
  2. Announce it to your friends and family– When you tell people around you that you are going to do something, it has a psychological impact on you.  It makes you more compelled to do the work and complete it.
  3.  Be aware of setbacks–  It might be hard at first and you may have many negative thoughts.   When you do, talk to your good friend about it so they can be your best cheerleader.
  4. It’s ok to fail–  We are only human, we learn thorough our failures. The most successful people have failed many many times.
  5. Know that the end result will bring great rewards–  Even if you don’t do the most perfect job, at least you tried and you finished what you said you would.  It will make you feel better about yourself and give you more confidence. I know when I complete my 100 days, I will go out and celebrate with my good friends and family!

Don’t procrastinate any more!

People have been asking if I sell my work or do commissioned work.  Yes I do!!  Don’t be shy, email me at  I would love to hear from you!



3 comments on “Captivate me…

  1. Ariella Benji says:

    Both your paintings and your writing are beautiful. You are so talented it is unbelievable! Thank you for being such an inspiration! You truly are amazing.


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