Expecting something beautiful..

DebbiepaintingDay 42 of my 100 days of painting..

Motherhood is the most challenging, exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding and frustrating thing any mom can ever experience. This is a salute to all you moms, show those bellies with pride too..many years ago women were embarrassed to do so and would cover it all up. Now we are more confident and are not afraid to show it.  There is something very special about a pregnant woman. They have this beautiful, pure aura surrounding them.  It might be just sweat and exhaustion…but from an outsiders point of view, it really is lovely.  I had the desire to paint a pregnant woman and the first person that came into my mind was a longtime family friend.

I was driving to Paper Source to buy art supplies and my friend in the above painting came to my mind.  She is tall, elegant and has this amazing presence to her and I thought she would be the perfect candidate.  I kept telling myself that I should text her and ask if she will model for me.  Guess what happened?  I got out of my car and I was walking toward Paper Source and guess who I see?  My lovely pregnant friend!  What??  Is that how quickly the universe works when we desire something?  I guess so because that has happened to me on more than one occasion.  I asked her right then and there if she would model for me and we made plans to meet.  So here she is in acrylic on canvas.  Glorious and beautiful, basking in her motherly glow.

Notice when the universe speaks to you, here are a few things that I have learned…

1. Listen to that small voice inside of you, it is always speaking to you.  Whether good or bad to go toward it or run the other direction.  Listen to your gut!  I told one of my friends that I knew having art as my career was the right thing to do, I felt it in my bones.  That’s the feeling you should have if you know something is right, you have to feel it in all of your being.  It resonates like nothing else.

2. Imagine exactly what it is that you want, the mind doesn’t always know the difference between what is being imagined and what is real.  This sums it up:

“Everything in the universe is vibrating. From the things that you are looking at right now to the thoughts in your head. When you hold an image in your mind you begin the process of creating vibrations. The longer you hold those thoughts in your mind the better the quality of the thought vibrations. You’ve heard that the law of attraction works by sending thought vibrations into the universe, which returns those thought vibrations to you in the form of real physical goods. The best way to control what comes into your life is by the use of thought vibrations and mental imagery.”  -Mike Lucero

3. Expect that it will happen.  If you want to manifest anything in your life, really believe it will happen.

“Expectation is simply belief and belief is another word for faith. Faith is believing in things not seen. When you combine expectation, belief, or faith with gratitude or thanksgiving you have a powerful force.” -Mike Lucero

To read more about the Law of Attraction take a look at Mike Lucero’s articles on the link below:

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6141716

The universe is speaking to you, are you listening?  Please share your thoughts and insights!  I’m always reading all the comments.


3 comments on “Expecting something beautiful..

  1. Leyla says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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