Ask and it shall be given..

gatsby3 “There is an invisible energy force or fuel of infinite possibilities.  And it’s yours for the asking. You can bring about anything by your thoughts.  Align yourself with God consciousness and you can bring about truth in material form.  What you think, you create.”  -Pam Grout Two books I have read this past two weeks that have left quite an impression on me are E Squared and E Cubed by Pam Grout.  If you have not read them, I highly recommend these two books.   Very inspirational read.  I think we all get stuck in the “why me” scenario and these books get you out of that mind frame.  We have more control of our world and our destiny than we think.  If all we do is think about sickness or being broke that is all we will bring into our lives.  If we focus on health and  abundance then we will also attract that.  May sound so silly and too simple but I tried some of the experiments in her book, my husband tried them as well and they truly do work! The painting above is all about confidence and being a bold/beautiful and strong woman.   That’s what I would like to attract more of in my life… I think this is my sixth week of doing fearless acts.  I got a message on Instagram from a beautiful hair salon in Carlsbad to display my work and have a show there.  I was scared but excited,  we went back and forth in emails and then they stopped communicating due to the holidays. Once the holidays passed I decided to touch base with them.  My old self would have waited and waited for a response.  My new self decided to take actions into her own hands and contact them.  I was super nervous about it but I spoke to them and they were so kind and receptive.  Hopefully in March I will start displaying my work there.  Till then I will keep sending out positive vibes and ask for what I need, I hope you do too!


One comment on “Ask and it shall be given..

  1. juliezeff says:

    So wonderful!!! Go you!!!



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