“Whoever wants to know something about me- as an artist which alone is significant- they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want.”  -Gustav Klimt

I have always found this piece by Gustav Klimt very intriguing.  She has this look on her face that is captivating, as if she has conquered someone or something.  There is a lot of power this woman possesses in this painting.  I guess I was drawn to that.  I decided to paint it myself because I was so inspired by it and it was not easy.

“Klimt depicts Judith as a femme fatale. She looks down on the viewer, her mouth voluptuously open and with her right hand she strokes the hair of Holofernes. Judith, also often mentioned as Salome, is a chase widow who defeats the haughty military leader of the Assyrians by plain ruse without seducing Holofernes and in a weak moment decapitates him. Klimt’s brother Ernst made the frame. The painting was first shown at the 8th International Art exhibition in Munich 1901.”

After reading a little bit about the painting I understood why she had that look.  I decided not to paint the decapitated head because I found that too disturbing.  Which leads me to this point.  What are you drawn to?  Who are you drawn to?  And why?

I have always been drawn to people with this inner strength and power.  They are the ones who stand up for themselves and don’t let people walk all over them.  They are full of energy and vibrant with life.  I am attracted to all those qualities because I want to possess them myself.  I also am very attracted to crystals and rocks (diamonds are pretty but thats not the kind I’m talking about).  Notice it next time you find yourself looking at someone or something a little longer than usual and tap into all of the feelings that go through you.  Try it with an art piece, what kind of paintings make you happy?  Which ones disturb you?  Which ones make you sad?  Is there a piece that moves you and makes you think?  The energy of that artist is captured in each brush stroke and its being projected on to you.  Its up to you to open your eyes and see everything that artist is trying to convey.  

This coming Monday Deepak Chopra is having a free online 21 day meditation.  I highly recommend it!


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