“Mother Nature”


“I’m very inspired by nature – you could say Mother Nature. I look at things around me and get all kinds of inspiration daily.”
-Martha Stewart

Here I am at day 21 of painting nature inspired scenes and I am really enjoying it.  Painting with so much green and blue made me notice the lush green trees and blue skies even more than before.  I love nature to begin with but to paint it or my interpretation of it has been awe inspiring.  This painting really came out of no where, I just had the desire one day to paint this lovely lady.  I had been doing mostly abstract ocean scenes and I really missed painting people.  The lines and curves in her hair remind me of the lines and curves on a woman’s body. Her connection with the bird reminds me of a woman’s need to  connect with nature and nurture her young.  The green reminds of lush, tropical rain forests.

Here she (Mother Nature) is offering her wish in that little container of a better world, a world that respects the environment, a world that embraces beauty and creation rather than destruction, a world that loves instead of hates.  Maybe that little bird will take all those things in that container and deliver it to the world that is in so much need of it, especially now.  What is your wish for our planet earth?  Send out your own prayers because the universe is ALWAYS listening.


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