Winds of Change


“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

-Chinese Proverb

While I was painting this piece, I experienced many changes in my life.  Those who know me, know that I don’t always do well with too many changes all at once.  But in these past few weeks, I have learned to adapt and go one with life and make the best of what I have.  It may sound cliche but I really do feel everything in life happens for a reason.  All these changes had to happen to me in order for me to grow as a person.  I also learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought and I could handle whatever life throws at me.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

-Reinhold Niebuhr

I took my son to the movie Inside Out, which was one amazing animation!  What I love about some of these animations is that they usually have some profound meaning behind them.  The message in that movie was about change and getting through all the emotions that change may bring.  Keeping anything inside will only stunt your growth.

How has your life changed?  How have you faced the winds of change?  How does change affect you?

One thing that always helps me sleep better and get through the day is meditation.  There is a new free meditation coming up with Deepak Chopra “Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude”, sign up on  You will not regret it!!  Namaste!


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