Bringing out your creative inner child



The other night, my husband and I joined my sister, her husband and our cousins for a night out. When we entered my sister’s home, everyone was in a wig, pink, blond, black…all in different styles.  We had no idea what was going on but decided to join in anyway.  We even went to a restaurant with our wigs on and boy, did we get a lot of attention.  A few years back, I probably would have been way to embarrassed to do that.  I found it so liberating to be free and just do whatever I wanted and be in character for the night.  I think that is why Halloween is so much fun.  

When I look at my daughter and the decisions she makes, I am always in awe.  If she feels like wearing a pink polka dot shirt with yellow striped pants, she will and she will add some purple beads and a huge colorful bow in her hair and walk out the door with confidence.  She is expressing her inner creativity without embarrassment.  So what happens as we get older?  Society tells us what is right and what is wrong, our peers might make fun of us for being different.  We are afraid to be creative, we are afraid to show our true selves.  As we get older we see artists like Lady Gaga who express themselves without shame and we are enamored by them.  We wish we could have just a little bit of that.

If you have kids, really observe them and see everything that they do.  Learn from them. Watch them create.  When I watch children draw or paint they really think they are the best artists.  As adults though, we grow out of that and make comments like “I can only draw a stick figure.”  But that is far from the truth, you just lost that inner child and you have to ask that child  to come back again by creating, in any shape or form.  Garden, cook, bake, dress a little different, paint…anything!  Just do it!




One comment on “Bringing out your creative inner child

  1. Leyla says:

    Love this post!!! ❤️


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