The evolution of art…YogART

You can say I have ADD when it comes to art and creating.  I am constantly trying to think of ways to evolve and not get too comfortable.  I could play it safe but I find that so boring.  I wanted to try body painting and I had NO idea how I was going to pull it off, never even attempted such a feat.  Once the idea flashed before me, I texted my amazing and beautiful yoga instructors/friends and asked them for a small favor (ok, maybe a BIG favor), will you let me paint your body??  They obviously said yes.  In the three weeks that followed, I focused on painting the background and the whole time I was thinking, “Are you crazy Sheryl?  Why are you even doing this? You’ve never even done something like this.”

I don’t think any of us, who were part of this project, knew the transformation it would cause within us.  I began to feel this wave of euphoria coursing through my body while I was painting, I was experiencing the biggest high.  I LOVED doing this and I would have never known if I was afraid to do it and just stayed safe in my art studio painting quietly in the corner.  While I took the photos,  I saw these women transform into stunning goddesses.  It was always in them, it just came shining through on that day.

This is why I do what I do. To see transformation and to feel this passion running through my body, like water.  What are you most afraid of doing because it seems too impossible?  Where it just seems like it’s out of your reach.  Once you feel the urge to do something, don’t put it off!  Write a list of ways you can accomplish that goal and write down what is stopping you.  Then take action!  Don’t think too much, our little naggy neggie voice (that’s what I call that negative voice in my head), can’t win, don’t let it take over!  What is the worst that will happen?

So here’s to art, evolution and growth.  Show your true colors, let them shine through (like the Cyndi Lauper song).  I know I am trying because I was tired of letting fear take over me, let’s conquer it together and see what we are capable of!!  Namasate



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