100 days 100 paintings



When inspiration comes we have to catch it!  Why?  Because if we don’t we will lose it, period.  It’s like when we receive radio signals from a source and if we don’t tune in, then the message is gone and we can no longer hear it.  So I decided I am going to tune in like I have never before.  I have done 100 days of painting in the past but not 100 paintings in 100 days.  They will be on watercolor paper instead of canvas and no bigger than 11×14″.  It’s not the way it’s done that matters, it’s the fact that I am doing it and the fact that momentum will begin because of it. What can you do in your life to build momentum on something you have been procrastinating on?


Here are some behind the scenes photos of my last photo shoot and a shout out to the lovely ladies, Feri and Allie who modeled for me.  Also to my amazing sister, Leyla who  came to take these photos to help out her sis.  She was in pain from a bad fall but she still made it and I am so deeply grateful for all the support I have.  I don’t know where I would be without it.


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