The Ripple Effect of Inspiration


“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even the smallest acts.  This is the secret of success.”-Swami Sivananda

I am witnessing the blooming of inspiration in all those around me.  It is quite magnificent.   My sister once put it so well, it’s like throwing a pebble out there into a pond and seeing a ripple affect.  My husband took the leap to start his own business, my best friend started teaching art to seniors, you can see it in the picture below.  Her mom even started to paint again.


I am getting such beautiful feedback from the 100 days of painting.  Passion, persistence, desire, and focus, the recipe for making your dreams a reality.  When you put aside your doubt and fear and just take the leap of faith, everything will come around full circle.  

I just finished up an illustration for a spiritual children’s book and when I handed it to the author and she looked through all of them, she had tears in her eyes.  I definitely was not expecting that.  She was so overjoyed that I brought her book to life.  That made my heart smile.  A family member of mine commissioned me to create her business logo.   She just stopped by to show me the cards she made for her doula business, she even made a cute shirt.   She was the one I always looked up to before I started working again.  She also has three kids and eventually she managed to go back to school and become a doula and now she will be teaching other women who want to become doulas. I saw her commitment and passion in what she did and I wanted the same thing.  I have that myself now and every day I am working more and more toward it.  I know you can too!!  Keep inspiring my lovely spirits, keep moving, keep the positive energy afloat.  You never know whose life you might change in the most beautiful way.





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  1. Thank you!!!! This is a wonderful gift.

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