Stop making excuses and start CREATING!


“To truly become a fulfilled person, be prepared to undergo every kind of trial.  Without the pressure, the fight, the work, it is impossible to transform yourself.  Without the struggle, there is no reward.  We’re all like lumps of coal: If you simply dig the coal from the ground, it’s nature doesn’t change.  You must apply thousands of pounds of pressure to transform into a diamond.” -Karen Berg

How many of you come up with a list of excuses to why you haven’t started something?  It’s too hard, it’s too much work, I don’t have enough time, my kids, my work, the housework…blah blah blah.  STOP!!  Now go write down one goal right now that you have had on your mind.  It could be as simple as wanting to take a cooking class.  Now make a list under that goal of all the steps you need to take to get there.  Time yourself for 5 minutes.  Now every morning get up and do one thing to get you closer to your goal.  That’s it!  Easy.  Don’t overthink things, just do it.  Move.  

Ten years ago, my father left my mom and she was all alone and had to take care of herself.  It was heartbreaking.  We all played the victim role, why?  Because it’s an easy role to play.  We decided to stop that pattern and decided she had to get back on her feet again.  I used to work at a daycare and I knew all the ins and outs of one.  So we started with a small daycare.  It was HARD at first.  There were so many disappointments along the way.  But we had to keep moving, we had no choice.  With time, a lot of work, and patience my mom made her daycare into one of the best daycares in town.  She has a waiting list and the parents and the kids love her.  She transformed her business from that lump of coal into a diamond.

I have observed her along the way and have taken in all that she has done to get there.  Now I am trying to grow my own business.  It is still in it’s toddler stage unlike my mom who has her baby in the double digits (10 years strong).  I am patient though.  I am enjoying the process even with all the challenges and difficulties.  The rewards are so much sweeter in the end when there is a challenge.  So go out there my friend and conquer the world!  Baby steps is all it takes, baby steps.  


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