The Healing Power of Art and How Being Creative Can Heal You


“Art provides a healing force which aids both the maker and the viewer…” -Richard Newman

I have healed myself in so many different ways through art.  After having my second child I went through bouts of depression.  I sometimes didn’t know how to get out of it.  It was a struggle.  Through therapy and spiritual work I was able to slowly find my way.  But after my third child, I really started to paint again and I began to see the effects it had on me both emotionally and spiritually.  My husband noticed it as well.  I began to heal that part of me that needed so much nurturing and it was through creating.  We all came into this world to create, it’s in our DNA.  I went to a reiki healing class and the picture above reveals the healing power of reiki through art.  It was such an inspiring class.  I realized we all have so much power right in the palms of our hands.  There is this energy force we all possess that is ready to come out be activated.

I went to the bookstore today and I bought the book The Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron.  She also wrote The Artists Way.  In it she writes “At its essences, art is an alchemical process.  By practicing art, by living artfully, we realize our vein of gold.  What I refer to as “the vein of gold,” Egyptians referred to as “the golden ray.”  It is the individual, indisputable, indestructible connection to the divine.  The vein of gold in every life is located in the heart of that life.  The heart is the origin of creative impulses.  If that heart has been wounded, it must be healed for our vein of gold to flow freely.  As we travel further and further into our own interiors, we will be taking the dross of our lives–the disappointments, wounds, and burdens-and we will make them into gold through the power of creativity.  All of our lives are already golden–in potential–if we are willing to do the necessary work of transformation.”  YES, YES, YES!! This is what I have always been talking about in most of my blog posts.  This is essentially everything the Gold Necklace is about.  That is why I put the symbol of the gold necklace on all the women in my paintings.

 We ALL possess that inner potential to create something magnificent.  Not just women but men as well.  My husband sometimes complains that he has not found his talent.  But I always tell him that it is there and he just has to find the patience and time to dig for it.  Once it is found he can heal and shine.  Now go out there and find your “vein of gold!”


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