Nothing can get in the way of PASSION


“Some may say that I couldn’t sing, but no one can say that I didn’t sing.”

Florence Foster Jenkins

   A few weeks ago I saw the movie Florence Foster Jenkins.  I never heard of her but I am so happy I got to know who she was.  I was watching the movie with my four-year-old daughter.  We both started laughing when we heard her sing.  But as the movie progressed, we began to see that this woman was someone who followed her bliss and didn’t give up.  Florence wanted to sing and become a singer and she did it.  It’s easier to sit in the crowd laughing and mocking the person who has the courage to go up and shine their light.  Even my daughter commented on how brave she was and that at least she was trying.  Her record was even the highest selling record of that time.

     I was at a fancy gallery a week ago and I introduced myself to the gallery owner as an artist.  He replied by saying “everyone in this town is an artist”.  I proceeded by putting my hands on my hips and sticking my chest out (superman pose) and told him “I AM an artist”.  He backed off pretty quickly.  A few years ago I would not have been able to do that.  I would have walked away feeling sorry for myself and maybe even given up the idea of pursuing my dreams of becoming an artist.  The person I am today will not allow ANYONE to take that away from me! No one has that right.  Yes there are many many artists in this city, in fact, in this world but there is no other artist like myself.  We are all so unique and have something so wonderful to offer.  The world needs us to shine and spread our light.  In fact, the next day another gallery contacted me and wanted me to stop by because they loved my work.

I also just completed my first children’s book written and illustrated by me!  Am I a writer? Not really but I tried.  Am I an illustrator?  Now I am.  I know that even when I write my blogs I probably have a ton of grammatical errors but guess what?  I don’t give a SHIT!  I am learning.  I am trying.  I am Sheryl Benjy and I am an artist.  I am an art teacher.  I am a life coach.  I am a writer.  I am a children’s book illustrator.  I am that I am and so much more.  Who are you?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow your bliss.  Namaste.


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