Sending out the right VIBES


“All things are in a state of vibration. Vibrations from objects in our surroundings are constantly impinging upon us and carry to our senses a cognition of the external world. The vibrations in the ether act upon our eyes so that we see, and vibrations in the air transmit sounds to the ear.”- Max Heindel
Once I began to start meditating and reading more books on spirituality I began to realize that I am responsible for everything I bring into my life.  I can no longer be the victim or blame others for what I am not getting in my life.  As soon as I realized this I began to see all the things that I was manifesting.  For example, my husband and I went to the Hollywood Bowl this weekend to see Tony Bennet with our family members.  The whole time I was thinking “how cool would it be if Lady Gaga had a guest appearance”.  Guess what?  She did have a surprise guest appearance and it made my night.  The next day I had to most amazing body painting photo shoot with a lovely family.  I will share those photos in the next blog.  While I was painting each person, all I thought was “I manifested this” and it felt so good.

A book I am currently reading called “Super Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life”  by Bentinho Massaro touches upon this subject so well.  He writes “Be aware of your vibration and choose yours.  Many people do not realize that they’re sending out signals all of the time.  Right now you’re emitting a certain vibration-based on how you’re defining something and how you feel about it–I bet your aren’t aware of it.  Right now is what you are sending out into Creation, into your reality.  You are are vibratory being; you are a state of consciousness.  So, what is your state of consciousness like?  What is it emitting, radiating?  What is it saying to the universe?”

If you are on Facebook or watch the news, choose wisely.  Social media can bring down our vibration and send us into a depressed funk and in a state of comparison.  There was a Harvard study done on happiness by Shawn Achor and he showed that there was a 25% chance of you having a bad day if you started listening to the news first thing in the morning.  I’m not saying you should avoid everything but to be more aware of what you put inside your mind.

Keep those vibes up and high because you never know where they can take you next.  You choose your reality, and you can master the state of your being at any given moment.  It is up to you–you have free will, you have choice.  Heres to manifesting all our dreams and making them into reality.  Namaste.Sheryl-156


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