Body Art and Taking Risks


Body Art and Taking Risks

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” -Maya Angelou

I want to tell you a little story of a timid girl.  She was like a wallflower growing up.  She didn’t want to be noticed.  Raising her hand in class was something that would make her heart pound as if her chest were about to explode.  At the age of eight, she realized that she loved art.  It was the place where she could express herself and be free.  The teachers had a story for her and they gave her thoughts and beliefs about herself that were very untrue.  It took this girl 28 years to realize that she had this hidden potential to be something more than what those teachers planned for her. If you haven’t guessed already, that timid girl was me.


This just shows the importance of planting the right seed in those little minds.  I am constantly telling me children that they are capable and can do whatever they put their minds to.  My nine year-old is writing his first book on You Tubing.  Why not?  My 5 year old made $50 this summer selling lemonade.  Why the hell not?  If someone asks me if they should do something, I always answer back with, why not?  Just go try and do it!

When I saw another artist do these inspiring body painting shoots I was hooked.  I wanted to try it myself.  I didn’t know how, when or where?  I just asked that the universe guide me.  I asked my closest friends if they would be my models and they were more than happy to help out.  It turned out better than any of us expected.  It ignited this fire in me that I had not experienced in a long time.  I was flying high (naturally).


My photos got some attention on social media and people started asking me to do the same thing for them.  This time I got paid!  So I am asking you to do the same.  GO out there and experience life without fear, without limits.  See where it takes you.  It doesn’t matter how.  Just take those baby steps.  Everything will fall into place because the universe is watching and it really wants you to succeed.  It truly is a vehicle that is guiding us, we just have to let go of the wheel eventually and just trust.  Now go out there and show the world what you are made of!  Namaste my beautiful creative souls.



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