When Doves Fly

animal-flying-white-doves-backgrounds-powerpoint“Every prayer is not answered the way you may want it, but they are all heard.  I believe that.  How could the one who created us ignore us?  Some people will say, “Well, He hasn’t answered my prayer.” People miss that all prayers are heard.  But sometimes the answer is no.”  -John Gray

As I held the snow white dove in my hands I felt him struggle waiting to be released.  How could such a gentle animal have so much strength?  That bird reminded me of my dad.  I myself struggled to keep the dove within my grip but I couldn’t let go until the Rabbi finished the last of the prayers.  My father was gone and it was time to say good bye.  The prayers finished and the melodic music was our cue to release them into the picturesque sunset.  The doves symbolized his soul’s freedom. They all flew in unison circling around us high above where my father’s soul was watching.

As an artist I love symbolism.  The doves represented the peace my father had in his every being and when I held that dove I felt my father’s life struggle and angst.  I also felt his strength.  He endured so much in his lifetime and still had the strength to go on.  Releasing that bird made me feel my father’s freedom from his body.  He was a prisoner to it and a prisoner to his mind.  In the end, his body destroyed the one part him that ailed him for so many years.   The greatest men who were geniuses struggled with this as well.  Van Gogh was an artist who went through a lot of mental anguish.  Jackson Pollock did as well.   They created masterpieces despite their suffering.  Maybe they were supposed to go through such hardship in order to create what they did.  It may also have had a healing property to the act of painting that their spirits so badly needed.

I know that when I dig deep inside and start to paint, I create the unexpected.  I have the power to move people with my work as most artist are also capable of doing.  We all have to power to inspire and move another person.  It just depends on if we want to do it and how we want to.  It could be through a painting, a dance, a song, a speech or acting.   My father wrote poems and my mom shared one he wrote for me.  It moved me to tears.

The darkness within his soul tried to find light through written words.  He found solace in this one act. He didn’t have many possessions when he left this world but he did leave us with a tremendous amount of love.  He left the gift of a poem for me that I will cherish forever.  What are the gifts that you leave stagnant inside of your soul?  Whose life can you touch with your gifts?  Who can you move to tears with your special creation?  You will never know until you put it out there.  Namaste my creative spirits, keep on creating.


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