76 I am an artist, mom of three and wife trying to balance it all.  I teach kids/adults and I paint on the side.  I started this blog because I’m on a journey of rediscovering who I am again.  After being a mom for 10 years, it’s easy to get lost in that role and forget the person you once were.   Yoga has really helped me figure out my path, giving me confidence and a more balanced life. I was inspired to paint yoga poses because of a my yoga instructor.    Anything that has to do with being calm and more centered is what I love to do my paintings about.  That includes paintings of the ocean and beautiful sceneries.  Art is my passion and I look forward to picking up that brush every day  and creating something special.


7 comments on “About

  1. Panteha says:

    A beautiful friend, mother and artist, always determined to see the best in everything. You have a unique style and you find your muse/inspiration as you journey through life! You are a reminder of peace and tranquility. I wish you all the luck and may your gift touch every heart you come across along the way!
    Forever friends-

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  2. Christine Lane says:

    A true inspiration as a friend, mother, artist and gentle soul. Your gentleness comes thru all that you do especially in your paintings. You do touch so many in all that you do. I am excited to see your creativity grow. Enjoy this journey and you are sure to extend your peace and love to many more!
    Yes Forever Friends…

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  3. sherylkb says:

    Thank you ladies! Your words mean the world to me.


  4. Brent Bahari says:

    I love my cousin Sheryl!! Not only is she a wonderful person, mother of 3, amazing wife but My cousin is my good friend. Also, she is probably the best artist I know, her paintings are truely spectacular!! So much attention to detail and love goes into them.She truely has a talent the world needs to see and be a part of. Love you Sheryl!! Muah!

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  5. Lynda Chankin says:

    I’m so proud to know Sheryl. Her sensitivity, gentleness, humor and talent are well translated in her paintings. Sheryl certainly deserves recognition and acclaim. She has a wonderful future in the world of art. Looking forward to many more wonderful works of art from Sheryl.

    With love,

    Lynda & Oscar

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  6. Sagit says:

    My dear Sheryl,
    Your art is a true reflection of who you are. There is a quiet depth in it, and a strength that touches you . A force that leaves you wanting more.
    Keep doing it your way, and the failures and successes will both make you stronger.

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  7. Fariba Rouzroch says:

    Shery Joon,
    When I look at your art it reminds me of what Pablo Picasso
    said :” The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Thank you for bringing such a beautiful sunshine through your art into our lives.
    Love you always,

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