Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed making paintings of women that I admire.  Women that have a certain presence, an inner and outer beauty.  Inspiration comes to me in many forms.  It may be a picture I see on a magazine cover, in my yoga instructor, friend or sister.  There is something I see in them that shines and I have a deep desire to paint them and let the world see who they really are, magnificent and beautiful.  My art has this whimsical quality to it, a flow of curvy lines and so many colors, I LOVE color!  I use very specific hand made paper in most of my mixed media paintings.

The place I find the most peace is the ocean, that’s where everything comes together for me.  The waves and the many tranquil colors of the sea also inspire me to paint.  I want to contribute beauty, peace and love through my work.  There is something magical and serene for me when I complete a piece.  The best part is when I find a special home for my artwork.  When I see the excitement and appreciation of the person it is going to, I get a deep sense of pride and I am filled with gratitude.

Having started a blog and my mission of doing 100 days of painting, I have gone through an amazing journey of transformation and awareness that I did not have before.  Each painting represents a new level of awareness.  Along the way, I have made many connections and met many inspiring people.  I have gotten the courage and confidence to ask people to be my muse or model.  Getting to know, really know each person and the depth of their soul.   I not only recreate their physical body on canvas but I also try to convey their personality and who they really are.

The soul speaks louder than words and through art I try to show this.  Inspiration comes to me in many forms, people, the ocean, a flower.  Whatever moves me…it’s a special thing that happens, a flow of creativity from my mind through my hands.  It’s an energy life flow that keeps me going and makes me smile and I thank God for having this talent.



2 comments on “Artist Statement

  1. Beautiful Sheryl–so proud of you! and excited for you!


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