freedom230×40″, acrylic on canvas

“Grace” by Sheryl Benjy

Day 49 of my 100 days of painting… 

“Listen to your heart. It knows all things…” – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I’m halfway through my journey and it’s been an eye opening experience.  I’ve had my share of ups and downs but through it all I still can’t wait to see what comes up in the next 51 days.  I decided to paint this nude woman because I find a woman’s body a true work of art.  There is so much grace and elegance in a woman’s curves.  For me, this painting represents freedom…freedom from all material objects, freedom from what others may say, freedom from expectations and validation from others.  She is in her own world dancing to the beat of her own tune.  When I showed this to my friend she responded, “That’s me!!”  How many out there feel the same way or want to feel that way?

Now that I am part of Facebook and other social media, I notice our society’s need to connect to others and be “liked”. In today’s world there is so much pressure to be liked, beautiful, have the best clothes, cars, house etc…everything has to bigger and better.  But what happens when you are stripped of all of that?  What is left?  Are you happy with just you?  Or with the simple things in life like the warm embrace of your child or a sweet kiss from your partner or a good, deep conversation with a dear friend?  These are the things that matter, at least in my world.  Always be the first to click the like button for yourself and connect to people closest to you that really care and matter.  Everything else is just extra.

Be free, dance naked to your favorite song…ok, just dance and just be!  Don’t be afraid to express yourself and what your soul wants the world to see.   Share your thoughts with me, would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for my Gallery Showing/Fundraiser coming up soon!


3 comments on “Freedom

  1. juliezeff says:

    Amazing. Tried to post a comment. Hope it worked. Thanks for your inspiration!!!!!



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  2. DonnaBMeir says:

    Beautiful painting and beautiful words to live by!


  3. Sharona zarabi says:

    So beautiful!! Xoxo


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